There have been confirmed sightings of a red, horned creature in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Have you spotted the office monster?

Despite initial fears that the species is incredibly rare, further investigations show that the animal is in fact a lot more commonplace than we first thought. Experts say we’re now at risk of the ‘office monster’ taking over organisations throughout the region.

OK, so we may be exaggerating, ever so slightly. And the office monster may in fact only be part of a new campaign that Fraser Projects has shared with businesses in the city. But there’s method to our madness.

Numerous personnel studies show that carefully considered office interiors, creative space planning and intuitive workplace design can stimulate employee productivity, morale, retention figures and overall mood.

We have therefore started distributing cards to our business neighbours in Leeds, to help them keep grumpy, disgruntled or disruptive office monsters at bay. And as Fraser Projects’ managing director Ryan Fraser explains, some simple, cost effective investments in office furniture, fit out and refurbishment services could be all that is needed.

“Over the past few years companies have quite rightly concentrated on survival during a deep recession,” Ryan elaborates. “But we are now enjoying a continually more positive recovery which means we all need to re-evaluate the impression we set in the workplace.”

“If employees are dissatisfied or demotivated in their work, this will not only affect companies’ client offering. With the jobs market becoming increasingly buoyant there is also a greater risk that staff will look for work elsewhere.”

So, it seems the giant red creature on Fraser Projects’ new campaign material in fact makes a lot of sense. Ryan concludes: “We hope the office monster is an eye catching character that will capture people’s attention and make them smile. It also hopefully demonstrates that there is a fun side to our business!”

If you haven’t yet spotted the office monster, remain alert at all times – you may be next! However, if you are among those to have already seen him/her, and you need help to keep it at bay, call us on 0113 869 0080 or email

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