Office silence stifles employee productivity

So how can you give staff a boost?

Office silence stifles employee productivity

You may have noticed on Twitter this week that we shared a post about the impact of silence on office productivity.

Now, you may think that ultimate quietness will foster superior levels of concentration, enabling employees to get through a greater amount of work. But as Andrew G. Rosen pointed out on U.S. News, silence can in fact be deafening.

As we read Andrew’s points it all made a lot of sense. Listening to nothing but the hum of electrical equipment is hardly inspiring. And if you can hear a pin drop in your workspace, you’re pretty unlikely to start discussing ideas or progress with your colleagues. All of this before we even get on to the argument that music encourages creativity – often a real catalyst for productivity in the working environment.

It just goes to show that a formal and, quite honestly, archaic attitude to running a business will have the opposite effect that some managers and MDs will expect. Of course, in some instances silence is required. But often library-like surroundings are far from ideal.

We must also remember that the quest for maximum office productivity doesn’t end here. Simple tweaks to lighting (LUX levels), the careful selection of ergonomically designed office furniture, the layout and positioning of workstations, the provision of refreshment and breakout facilities, and the active encouragement of group interaction, will all help spur effective and efficient working patterns among staff.

Fraser Projects’ managing director Ryan Fraser concludes: “Sometimes it is important to take a step back, look at your workplace dynamics and assess where there is room for improvement, however successful your business has been to date. It may be a case of trialling a couple of simple tweaks, or you may decide that your interiors need a complete overhaul. But it is possible to transform your workspace, with a very minimal and manageable investment, before reaping an ROI for years to come.”

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